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RMRG is a fully
accredited Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) team

For rescue assistance, call 911 or Boulder County Sheriff's dispatch
(303) 441-4444

Thanks to our supporters:
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Summary of Calls & Operations

Tabular Annual Summaries (100 KB, PDF) Annual Operations Locations Maps Annual Narrative Highlights & Summary
2014 Annual Summary 2014 Operations Location Interactive Map 2014 Narrative Summary
2013 Annual Summary 2013 Operations Location Map 2013 Narrative Summary
2012 Annual Summary 2012 Operations Location Map 2012 Narrative Summary
2011 Annual Summary 2011 Operations Location Map 2011 Narrative Summary
2010 Annual Summary 2010 Operations Location Map 2010 Narrative Summary
2009 Annual Summary 2009 Operations Location Map
2008 Annual Summary 2008 Operations Location Map
2007 Annual Summary 2007 Operations Location Map
2006 Annual Summary 2006 Operations Location Map
2005 Annual Summary 2005 Operations Location Map
2004 Annual Summary 2004 Operations Location Map
2003 Annual Summary 2003 Operations Location Map
2002 Annual Summary 2002 Operations Location Map
  2001 Operations Location Map
  2000 Operations Location Map

Rescues are field missions where an accident victim requires evacuation or assistance by RMRG. Rescue missions may include search efforts.

Searches are field missions that involve searching for a missing party, and the party does not require evacuation or other assistance.

Incidents are calls for assistance where the problem is resolved before RMRG members get into the field (out of their cars). Incidents occasionally require considerable effort to resolve.

"Other" are requests for assistance not involving mountain rescue services.

Icons for multiple operations in the same location are not necessarily shown. In most years, the single busiest area for RMRG is Boulder Mountain Parks between Gregory and Eldorado Springs Canyons.

Typical Mission Statistics

Other 16% consists of: 4x4, Sledders, Hunters, Plane Crashes, Suicide Attempts, Snowmobilers, Horseback Riders.
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